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LIVE TODAY: Fixed Price, FREE Calls, and more...

Here at Inzite HQ, we're really excited to share with you a few new features we've been working on over the past few months, all of which have gone live today!

These features cement new foundations for some exiting new developments coming later this year. We're staying close-lipped on these at the moment, but we'll be posting further updates by Summer 2016. Expect big things!

First off, we have introduced Fixed Price calls. Previously, calls were all charged per minute, as determined by experts. These calls were based on minimum call durations. For these new fixed price calls, there are no additional charges, as these calls are a set length and cannot overrun (although we do allow a small buffer!).


Next, we're allowing experts to select which durations they wish to offer clients. Experts are now able to choose from a selection of time slots comprising 15, 30, 45, 60 and 90 minutes.

If you're already an expert, you can manage your new call settings from the Call Management section in your profile.

Lastly, and most excitingly, we're allowing select experts to offer FREE calls! We are reserving this feature for select experts for now, but if you wish to offer FREE calls, then please contact us. We hope this will encourage experts to offer complimentary introductory calls to clients. We will roll this out to further experts in the near future, but are currently working on setting a few simple limits. Once video calling is live, this will be offered to everyone.


In addition to our major update happening this summer, our Video Calling capability will be going live this Spring! We're on the bleeding edge of web technology here, as there will be no installs or browser extensions required. So we apologise for this taking some time, but we are passionate about getting this right.

One more thing... Calendar Integration! You asked for it, and you're getting it. Inzite will soon be introducing Google and MS365 calendar integration for experts, so you'll be able to offer clients your real-time availability directly from your profile. Live scheduling just became a breeze!

For those of you wishing to become an Inzite expert, please click here to apply. It only takes a few minutes!

As always, we're keen to hear your feedback, so please drop us a message on Twitter, Facebook, or feel free to email us directly.

LIVE TODAY: Fixed Price, FREE Calls, and more...
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