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Free Video Calls, 0% Commission

As of today, all new and existing experts may offer 15 minute FREE introductory video calls.

And there's more...

To celebrate our new fully browser-integrated video calling (no downloads are required), all video calls are currently 100% commission free! We are also extending this offer to all new experts, so if you've not already applied to be an expert, there is no better time!

If you're an expert, you can add free 15 minute slots from the Call Management section in your Edit Profile page. All your hosted video calls (free and paid) will automatically be 0% commission until further notice.

Please note that this is a time-limited offer!

Inzite is a Professional Advice Marketplace for experts, coaches and mentors looking to provide insight to others over the phone, or by video chat.

For those of you wishing to become an Inzite expert, please click here to apply. It only takes a few minutes!

As always, we're keen to hear your feedback, so please drop us a message on Twitter, Facebook, or feel free to email us directly.

Free Video Calls, 0% Commission
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