I've read many articles over the years regarding career failures and how to avoid them. Several successful leaders insist that failures are critical to future success.

Here's a little compilation of some notable career mistakes (and how not to make them):

  1. The $800m career mistake

  2. How to lose $35bn in less than 365 days

  3. The speech that cost $1bn

  4. Don't be a social media fool!

  5. The job interview - Don't mess it up!

  6. The top high-profile flops of 2015

  7. 33 Entrepreneur fails & lessons learned

  8. The resignation letter you should probably avoid

  9. Be careful who succeeds you!

  10. And lastly... never hand over flowers and go for the crotch!

There is also a great post on Quora with some useful real-life tips on how not to make the same mistakes (and most importantly, how to learn from them).

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