Team Inzite is extremely proud to announce our biggest platform update to-date for our Professional Advice Marketplace!

Shortly after celebrating our 2 year birthday since incorporation, we felt the time had come to inject Inzite with a technological face-lift (technology really does look better as it ages!), so please allow us to introduce our new modern look. We hope you love it as much as we do.

New Expert Cards

We are also introducing our brand-new Request Advice feature. This is perfect for finding an advisor quickly, without the need to search through individual profiles. Simply select a date and time you're available and we'll automatically select and notify available advisors. In addition to your desired category of advice, also feel free to narrow down your search with multiple keywords. It's that simple!

The advice tool is available towards the bottom of our homepage, although it probably deserves better (we'll think about this)!

Request Advice Tool

As soon as the request is submitted, we'll notify our top matching experts. The first expert to accept your request will host your call - you'll then be connected to them directly and will be free to view their profile.

Behind the scenes, we've made a tremendous number of performance and stability improvements - the site is now performing like a supercar both inside and out! As Apple might say, "This is our best Inzite, yet!". Inzite Keynote's coming soon (perhaps)! A few other updates include:

  • Select your favourite experts directly from their profile cards
  • Share expert profile pages on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn
  • An expert booking widget for external website integration (code available in Settings)
  • More beautiful profile pages
  • More beautiful profile cards
  • An all new UI
  • Lots of back-end customisation options for our SaaS customers

If you've missed any of our previous updates, here is a reminder of a few things you may have missed:

  • Google Calendar Integration for live expert availability
  • An all-new Answers section
  • A brand-new Booking Calendar
  • A new context-sensitive help button
  • Fully integrated video sessions (no downloads or plug-ins required)

For business owners, Inzite now offers a variety of SaaS solutions, including standalone white-labelled installations of our Advice Platform.

If you're looking to integrate advisor discovery & schedulling with your existing website, we're also able to provide you with our new Request Advice widget (specifically for your advisors), either fully embedded or as an elegant pop-up - your customers will never leave your website! This is all possible with a few additional lines of code.

For more information on our SaaS solutions, please visit our dedicated business solutions website - Inzite for Business, or email us at

We hope you love our new update.

If you'd like to ask questions or send us feedback, then please email us at

Thank You,

Team Inzite.