The Inzite Platform is an all-encompassing advisory solution, incorporating automated advisor scheduling, real-time advisor availability and integrated phone and video call facilitation. Sessions can be free or paid and may be priced on a fixed cost or per minute basis for a range of session durations.

We have fully customisable, standalone solutions available, as well as existing website integration options. As well as running our own professional marketplace, we are now fully SaaS enabled!

To highlight our platform features and solutions, we've launched our new website, Inzite for Business.

If you run a business with advisors, consultants, coaches, educators, experts, sales-people, or mentors, then Inzite may have just the solution for you.

For more information on our business solutions, please visit Inzite for Business.

Alternatively, please feel free to email us directly. We would love to discuss potential solutions for your business.